The Lord says I am beautiful...

I only exist because He choose me to exist.

I only live because He wants me to live.

I am free because He has given me freedom.

I have joy because He lives in my heart.


Who am I...?

I am a flower quickly fading,

Here today and gone tomorrow,

A wave tossed in the ocean,

A vapour in the wind.

Still you hear me when I’m calling,

Lord, you catch me when I’m falling,

And you’ve told me who I am….

I am yours.


There is a God-shaped vacuum in every heart...

A wise woman once mused:

When I saw others straining toward God,

I did not understand it,

for though I may have had Him less than they did,

there was no one blocking the way between Him and me,

and I could reach His heart easily.

It is up to Him, after all, to have us,

our part consists of almost solely in letting Him grasp us.


God speaks to us in many ways...

God speaks to us in many ways:

…in encouraging words from a stranger

…in a rebuff by a long-time friend

…in that deal that never quite works out

…and in that door that unexpectedly opened.

All we have to do is listen.


Let your vision be world embracing...

“Let your vision be world embracing” (Bahaullah)