…By Wambui

I attended a very interesting service the other day, at which I learnt some lessons I would always like to remember.  It was a service on inner healing.  

The preacher began by explaining the major cause of unforgiveness.  Many people were visibly surprised when he said that it is pride.  Why pride?  Because when someone offends you, you want them to see that you are hurt, angry, disappointed, and all the other negative emotions that humans experience.  However, these negative emotions accumulate over time, resulting in physical manifestations such as chronic joint pains, organ failure, migraines and even cancer.

Jesus said that he came that we may have life, and have it to the full.  The preacher explained that this life is both spiritual and physical.  Spiritual in that we should be close to God and always happy and rejoicing;  physical in the sense of good health, security and prosperity.  He also explained that our negative emotions are not just emotions, but evil spirits that rob us of the joy we should have as Christians.  Negative emotions that we think are quite natural are actually the devil’s way of killing, stealing and destroying the joyous life that Jesus died to give us.  

For example, self doubt and an inferiority complex are the devil’s way of cheating you out of the promise that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  When you believe that life is too hard and that your problems are too big for any solution, then the devil has succeeded in cheating you that God does not have a plan for your happiness, good health and prosperity.

When you refuse to forgive your enemy because you think that the offence is too great, you are actually doing yourself a great injustice.  The longer you stay angry, the longer you keep away the Holy Spirit, because he only inhabits a calm and gentle soul.  The more you plot revenge against your enemy, the more you tell God that you don’t believe he can protect you and restore all the harvests that were destroyed in the locust invasion. 

If you’re health conscious, think about this:  the more you hold on to your hurt, the wider you open up your body to all kinds of diseases.